Lady-Like Musings

-Tai'Celith. Battle-Mage. Archaeologist. Blood Elf. Adult. (WrA) NO LONGER ROLEPLAYED
-Nymooona Duskshadow. Shadow Priestess. Tailor. Blood Elf. Adult. (WrA)
-Nymoona Rosefury. Priestess in Training. Herb merchant. Blood Elf. Young adult. (MG)
-Adélaïde Dupont. Rogue Apprentice. Alchemist. Human. Teen/Young Adult. Face Claim: Annabella (Bella) Thorne. (WrA)
These are my characters-- there are many like them, but these are mine. Feel free to ask anything! Mostly OOC, but will post some IC things occasionally.
My Battletag is Kitt#1853, if anyone wants to add me for RP or dungeons or something. I'm willing to do cross-faction and cross-realm RP! c: